Mid-Year message

It’s certainly been a while since I wrote in my blog but thankfully I can blame it on being busy with work. I can’t seem to predict my downtimes anymore since even my traditionally slow August will be full of activity this year.

I’ll be working on two major back to back assignments that month one very large trade show in Denver and the other a medical meeting in Paris. And while I’m gone in Europe my associate will cover another short Chicago conference here for a food association.

I started out the year with a corporate event for GE Healthcare, went into February with three new clients including a scientific trade show from Reed Events on Oceanology.

I’ve been in Seattle, Boston, Vancouver, Washington DC, Sacremento and spent a considerable amount of time here for a change just covering local meetings in Chicago. The rest of the year is more of the same. Sunday I leave for Seattle again…

…(is Seattle the go-to place this year ?) and then literally cover two back to back conferences here in Chicago the minute I get off the plane from the West coast. And one of my other associates will cover an awards event while I’m gone too. What a Summer !

Here are a few photos from this year’s road trips and from Chicago area events:

ALL IMAGES ARE Copyright 2017 Robert Levy Photography and cannot be reused or appropriated in any form.


DSC_3742 copyDSC_6690 (1) copy 2DSC_8323 copy 2IBS_D2_00002 copyEWRI2017-D2-00055DSC_9104DSC_0186BSE_D3_0786BSE_D2_0693

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2017 begins !

DSC_4911 copy

Besides working on taxes with my accountant and trying to organize my office,   I try to take time off in January. However this year I got an email from my associates at Image Base Productions; http://www.image-base.com to work on a local conference for GE Healthcare. I’ve worked with GE before on various projects and since this was local I decided to go for it. I’m often traveling during the year so I’m not generally keen on going anywhere in January. I’m glad I did. Everyone was unfailingly pleasant and the general feel for this Annual Meeting was very relaxed. One part of the Life Sciences group is pictured above. Despite the fact that the hotel had less than subtle decor and it was 6:45 in the morning everyone was very nice and this portrait went smoothly.

DSC_3745 copy 2.GEHeathcare2017JPG

This year promises to be another busy one so I’m back to my hibernation -at least until February when I’m working with Reed Trade show company again and two new clients on back to back shows.

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Governor Mike Pence 2014

It would have been impossible for me to predict, back in 2014 that Governor Mike Pence would be the next Vice President when he took the stage at my client’s Annual event; The Indiana Society of Chicago’s Annual Dinner.

Governor Pence and his wife were very friendly to me and it was another nice evening for all in attendance.

ISoC_120 copy 2ISoC_172 copy 2


The Dinner is held every year to celebrate  and spend time together with old friends, meet new ones and  socialize with fellow Indiana natives. Why Chicago you might ask ? There are as many theories on why as there are people who have attended the 100 year plus dinner.

Whatever the reason(s) are, it’s an excuse to go somewhere different and enjoy the coming Holidays with fellow Indianans. Many business,  political and educational-based attendees gather each December ; some simply connected in some way with an Indiana school or business and socialize together before the coming Holidays. It’s always a fun event !

For more information go to:  http://indianasocietyofchicago.org


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Closing down 2016

2016_PDA_D1_0445 copyIt’s been a frantic year and I am in the last part of finishing my assignments for 2016.

It seemed I was often spending more time in airports than at home.

As most people in the meetings industry are aware of,  this is a very common situation. Sometimes I even forgot which city I was in !

Myself and my associates were kept quite busy, photographing, processing images onsite for daily social media needs or doing both at the same time ! Next year we will be adding video to our website as we bring our videographer partners to the forefront. I was a filmmaker at one time but chose, for most of the last thirty years to concentrate on still photography. I am debating on doing some selective moving image making myself but I will most likely emphasize my relations with several videographer partners I work with on an ongoing basis both in the USA and overseas.

Here are a few images from my travels this year…. many more to come !


BSE_TX_D3_0885 copy


DSC_7016 copy



DSC_0583-2 copy




BLOGunnamed-2 copy

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Mid-Year review

It has been a busy year so far and I have been on the road frequently.

June in particular, found me going from California to Louisiana ( I covered  two back to back conferences in New Orleans )  and then went straight with my associate Jeff Callen to cover the Annual DIA Show; this year in Philadelphia .

DSC_8828 copy

I have a brief respite thankfully from out of town travels and will work on my next event here in Chicago;  the Annual NATS conference.

Then it’s on to Minneapolis and finally Toronto …finishing up the month with another corporate event for Boeing in Chicago.

WEB copy Final PORTS pic DSC_8852 copyDSC_7037

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A new year begins.

I just returned from Mexico City yesterday . I worked on yet another exciting UltimaMedia conference; Automotive Logistics Mexico. This was the second time this event was presented and attendance and interest on the part of  both locals and international visitors was high.

DSC_9307 copy


DSC_9727 copy


DSC_0118 copy

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Double Defense

I had the pleasure to photograph two former Secretaries of Defense; Mr. Leon Panetta and  Mr. Robert Gates last November in Chicago for TMA Midwest.

The annual event and dinner is handled with great expertise by Glatz Management Group.  Sue Fischer, Christine Glatz and their staff , have managed to make this intensive  evening proceed with smoothness and enjoyment for all the attendees of the TMA Midwest each year.TMA-6303 copy


TMA-6297 copy





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2015 in review

Another busy year has just passed by me and I can look back with some sense of accomplishment. It was a difficult year in terms of the loss of several clients due to budget concerns and logistics.

And at the same time I acquired more clients to replace them.

I spent, as usual,  a good portion of my time traveling. I went from California to New York City and went it seemed to most of the major cities from New Orleans to Washington DC to Minneapolis and Long Beach. I had a number of Chicago jobs this year as well.




My trusted associates,  Warren Perlstein , Jeff Callen and Erchel Raymond were covering events and processing images for me as well; going to Boston and Toronto as well as St. Louis and San Diego. Between the three of us we kept it all going and met the deadlines



I did yet another stop in Paris covering two conferences there for ICJR and the European division of DIA as well as covered the Annual FFI conference in London and another addition of the Mexico Upstream conference in Mexico City for the CWC Group.

RHL_7178 DSC_1345 2






DSC_4338 copy

PDA_VEGAS_D2_0513 2

USCB13_D2_0407 copy




DSC_8755 copy

I rounded out the end of the year in Rome for CWC Group’s World LNG Awards conference and exposition.

This year promises to be equally busy and with more travel for myself and my two associates, I’ll be back in Mexico City in a few weeks for the now Annual Ultimamedia Group’s Mexico Automotive Logistics conference and back to Italy in Sorento this time for the annual ICRS  medical Congress.

Another highlight that is confirmed is another trip to the offices of UNESCO in Paris for the HVP conference featuring some of the brightest minds in genetic research internationally.

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A new year

Although the year started well with an interesting assignment for a Dutch company that was holding a green business event here in Chicago, I unfortunately lost out on a large trade show and conference for a long time client because of a snowstorm. It occurred all throughout the Midwest and East Coast and grounded many flights; almost shutting down air traffic at Midway and O’Hare for three days.

Fortunately,  my client was understanding and they had their staff cover the event in my place. This rarely happens but it was very frustrating and we are already looking forward to next year’s event, provided there are no more major storms to keep me from traveling to my destination. I had also expected to leave for Mexico at the beginning of March but my client had to postpone their energy conference to May. I am already covering their event in Austin that month but neither myself nor any of my associates can cover the Mexican event since all of us are booked for assignments. More frustration.

The weather did cooperate finally a week after the storm and I found myself working in Anaheim for this year’s Medical Design and Manufacturing Show. It was well attended and once again featuring  many diverse suppliers and and a variety of industry experts and attendees from all over the USA and international locations brought together to find out the latest technologies in the ever-changing medical device industry .



Hall E:Quality copyDSC_4978 copy DSC_3913

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2014 recollections

As 2014 comes to a close I can look back on a very busy and productive year .

In particular, from the period of May through July,  I was on the road traveling from location to location and never got back home to Chicago the entire time. Strange indeed !

I went from Chicago to Denver for my long time client; ACNM and then to Paris for the 4th HVP conference at Unesco and then to Portland for The American Society of Civil Engineers’ Water Management conferenceAWMA14-Day1_0051 AWMA 2014 conference. Long Beach, California.

I was in New York and made two stops in California afterwards.  My two associate photographers were also busy . Jeff Callen covered several events as did Erchel Raymond. All in all it was a productive year.

DSC_2688 copy

BioMed 2014 Show.  San Jose California

DSC_5486 copy

EASL 2014 Conference. London , England.


NASPA 2014 conference.  San Antonio, Texas.

DSC_1884 copy 2TMA Midwest 2014 Executive Speakers Forum. Chicago, Illinois.


We travelled everywhere from Detroit and Portland to San Jose and Ft. Worth Texas.Next year promises to be more of the same, with conferences throughout North America and Europe and…?


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