Moving Forward.

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Having just returned from the Annual North American Automotive Logistics conference in Detroit last week,

I knew that there was a palpable sense of change in the air. Despite all the problems and financial concerns that have plagued the industry-there’s a sense that there’s hope on the horizon and a feeling of collaborative spirit was maintained throughout the conference by the attendees.

Most of the attendees I spoke with (and some now recognize me by sight as I’ve worked on this meeting several times)felt the same.

The staff of Ultima Media that produces this and other worldwide automotive events works very hard to craft these events and makes certain the attendees get their needs for information met as well as feel entertained and well treated. Everything runs smoothly. While I photograph the event, my associate , Warren Perlstein, edits

the images and processes the RAW files. Then he crafts the final JPEG files and uploads them to the company website for Web and magazine uses as well as emailing images to other Ultima Media staff.





Afterwards he prepares a final DVD set for the client to take back to their offices in the UK at the end of the event. It’s a intense two and a half day experience but the staff and the attendees are terrific and everyone works hard to give their best so there’s a great feeling of accomplishment when it’s all done.

I had been sick since I returned from the Annual AIC-NA conference in Pittsburgh so I knew when I got back into town that it was time to get to a doctor and get back to health .

It will be another intense we of work and I can’t be under the weather for it.

I’m covering a one day conference for another steady client-Internet Retailer here in Chicago, some promotional  photo work for Hyatt Corporation and the Annual Conference for Family Firm Institute that takes places here next week. More than enough work to keep me busy for a while !

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