A meeting on Capital Hill.

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I recently just finalized my contract with another of my regular clients; The American College Of Nurse-Midwives for it’s Annual Meeting in San Antonio this May.

I was looking through images from last year’s ACNM meeting in Washington DC and was reminded of the day we all went to Capital Hill. Given the tragic events that have happened since that time regarding meetings between the public and the representatives of our government as well as problems involved overseas in establishing any connection between other countries populations and their governments it seems remarkable that people can meet and converse with elected officials at all. Even if you don’t see eye to eye ideologically, It’s all too easy to take for granted .

Lynne Himmelreich,  ARNP, CNM, MPH FACNM of University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics meets with Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa and a member of his staff to discuss issues of Midwifery.

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