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Despite my best intentions, I have left my blog unwritten since February. Even with my occasional office manager’s help to get through the constant organizational work I seem to accumulate I have not been able to add to my web blog until now.

Taxes , daily life activities, family concerns and continual assignments and conference events that I document every week have left my writing go unattended. It  started as February was coming to an end and it really has not let up since. I have been on assignment for UAA in New Orleans and in San Francisco for ASA. Many new clients were added to my schedule including The Travel Goods Association, ACUI, ACCED-I, AFP and Airport Cities International.

I was in Orlando, Memphis and and I made my third trip to Montreal at the start of last month for another returning client; SRCD. I’ll try to share a few images from these assignments in the coming months as time permits.

For now, here is a photo from my last assignment earlier this week for NTI News,  the Show Daily for the  AACCN Conference that just finished today at McCormick Place here in Chicago. It’s a cadaver anatomy tutorial course that was part of last Sunday’s Pre-Conference events.

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