Back to work

After I had taken a few weeks off to organize my office I had a small conference for ISPE (International Society For Pharmacoepidemiology). I had another two week break after that conference to work on organizing my customer data and computer files along with email consolidation and more paperwork (it never ends…) .Then before I knew it I left for Washington DC  to work on Gridweek 2011.  Another fascinating exploration of the Electrical Grid systems in place and in development in the USA and around the world. There was a large group of Indian delegates this year and they offered a unique perspective of developing electrical infrastructures overseas. Then it was back to Chicago for the Inaugural VEINS conference at the JW Marriott Hotel. It’s always a challenge to create a first event but Ashleigh Brinkman and her co-workers at The Prairie Education and Research Cooperative  pulled it off without a problem and attendance was better than they had expected with lots of exhibitors .

And then closing out the month was the Annual Automotive Logistics North American conference at The Henry Hotel in Detroit. The UltimaMedia events team made all the events move smoothly as usual.  Then it was back to paperwork and bookkeeping.

Stephen JW Evans FISPE  the immediate past president of ISPE  delivers a keynote to attendees of the 27th ICPE Meeting in Chicago.

Tom Kuhn CEO of The Edison Electric Institute and Jay Morrison VP of Regulatory Issues at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association take part in a panel discussion at Gridweek 2011.

Doctors testing ultrasound equipment at the VEINS conference in Chicago.

Attendees at the recent North American Automotive Logistics conference in Dearborn Michigan.

I had a lot of family business  to take care of too. My parents are getting old and need more care as time goes on so that tends to occupy my days often. Thankfully the rest of the year is well booked at this point so I am concentrating my efforts on solidifying work with clients for next year. And preparing for more office work with the new computer system I will be getting next month.

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