The last of 2011

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It’s been a hectic close to this year’s activities. I started with The Annual TMA Midwest Executive Forum event. This year’s speaker was Dr. Condoleezza Rice. I found her gracious and articulate but somewhat like last year’s speaker, Tony Blair… let me explain… I was too busy concentrating on my job creating images during the evening and setting-up a portrait studio configuration for Dr. Rice and certain guests to have their picture taken at the after dinner reception… to tell you what she said during her dinner speech.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice with TMA event Co-Chair David Onion, CEO of Chicago Capital.

The event was on Thursday and On Saturday I photographed the Annual Indiana Society Of Chicago’s Dinner. As usual the venue was The Fairmont Hotel.  Another great evening was enjoyed by all attendees with this year’s honoree being Indiana State University with a salute also to the City of Terre Haute, Indiana.

Dr. Steven and Jane Beering with their son David . The family have remained long-time board members and supporters of the Society.

I made it home by Midnight after the evening finished and boarded a flight to Phoenix , Arizona for this year’s Grid-Interop conference, a four day long conference on the business and scientific fundamentals of our nation’s electrical grid infrastructure.

Patrick Miller, President and CEO of EnergySec speaks about the complexities and potential problems involved in current cyber-security.

There are numerous loose-ends to tie up with several other projects and assignments before the end of the year but I am looking forward to some rest in January and some work on taxes for this year (my least favorite part of running my company) .

As I type this I will also be purchasing a new MAC desktop computer that should take me through the next couple of years of business before it must be upgraded and replaced. That too is a constant in my business, continual upgrading and relearning the functions of new software and related image-making programs.  I certainly had no idea it was as much work as I tend to do now. Live and learn. I’m still asked by attendees at conferences throughout the year-if I miss film…or prefer digital to film. I usually reply I still have mixed feelings.  The technology of film and traditional camera systems was a hundred years in development-things moved at a slow pace compared to today’s blur of  digital re-invention. Having to upgrade and relearn my tools more frequently certainly is frustrating but offers me more choice and greater control. Either way one looks at it; technology is always in flux and one has to at the very least be prepared to learn it and to integrate it’s applications in one’s life and business to some degree.  There’s really nowhere else to go but forwards.

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