On The Wing.

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On the Wing.

It seems more appropriate to say this than on the road since I tend to fly
to most of my out of state assignments. The occasional exception being
a conference I am heading towards this weekend in Detroit.

Detroit is a five to six hour drive from Chicago and since my associate
and I have to work together on this particular automotive conference
it will be a pleasant drive and hopefully less stressful than waiting in
line to go through security, customs and baggage check-in stations.
This is the everyday experience at airports around the world.

Having just finished a conference for the North American branch of
the AIC it seems that even the airlines and their administrators have a
lot to contend with too.
Changing regulations, shrinking public support and no financial
bail-out in sight from the US government are the new normal.
Despite the hard work that is constantly demanded of them,
the admistrators and supporting industry staff I met this week
were friendly and enjoyed the chance to meet with each other.

Two economists who spoke at the last part of the conference seemed to
say that although the Great Recession had ended it’s aftershocks were
still with us.

Oil prices will continue to raise and Asia will continue to become a stronger economic force in the future.

I found it odd at first to hear that based on it’s history, the airline industry’s survival is remarkable given that it has such a lack of continual profit over time.

I am no expert but this seemed like a astonishing statement to make
given how much prices have gone up and how much airlines charge for
tickets and for baggage and high volume of flights that take place everyday.

But the costs involved in operation of an airline or an airport are
substantial and with the merger of Southwest and AirTran this week
it seems that consolidation within the industry will continue as well.

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