On the road.

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I thought I would have the time last month to update my blog and found, once again,  that I couldn’t manage to do that.

June was remarkably busy with seven different conferences that found me with no more than three days off that month as I went from two conferences in California starting at the end of May into two different conferences in Paris then a conference in Dublin and then finally back to Chicago for two more conferences.  I pushed myself and my equipment to it’s limits in terms of capabilities. It was demanding, fun and quite intense.

The clients ranged from new clients such as The European Anesthesiology Society and The Human Variome Project’s Bi-Annual International meeting at UNESCO’s offices; both of which were in Paris to my regular client The Association Of Nurse-Midwives in Long Beach California and The Annual American Optometric Association Meeting in my hometown of Chicago.

I had a lot of follow-up work to do in July and I had an assignment less than a week after I returned for Pennwell conferences: The HydroVision International conference in Louisville, Kentucky. With my associates Jeff Callen and Warren Perlstein image processing and or photographing the events with me, it was a marathon of image work.

As I begin to prepare for my next two events this month I am expecting yet another busy and productive Autumn season ahead.

Here are just a few of the images I created during my travels.

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