From Houston to Chicago

It’s been a busy month of November. I started out in Houston for a new client; the CWC Group out of the UK to document the World Shale Oil and Gas conference.  It was a pleasure to work with their staff and I truly enjoyed learning about the shape of the energy industry and the immense possibilities for new sources of energy that will reshape the way our world will function in the years to come.

After  a short personal break I returned to work on the National Hemophilia Foundation Conference based this year in my hometown of Chicago. I finished supporting my associates who I hired to work on the first part of the event creating and printing family and group photos at the Grifols Booth. That again was a real pleasure as both my associates and I loved interacting with the attendees and making these instant images on-site then printing them on our dye-sub printer.

Then , before a week passed, I was back at the same Hotel, the Hyatt Regency Chicago for the Annual IASB/ISBO/IASA  conference. Attendance this year was up again to well over 12’000 attendees I believe.

Next week: The Annual Mid-Winter TMA conference in Chicago  with Condoleezza Rice as the guest speaker. That should be very interesting !

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Back to work

After I had taken a few weeks off to organize my office I had a small conference for ISPE (International Society For Pharmacoepidemiology). I had another two week break after that conference to work on organizing my customer data and computer files along with email consolidation and more paperwork (it never ends…) .Then before I knew it I left for Washington DC  to work on Gridweek 2011.  Another fascinating exploration of the Electrical Grid systems in place and in development in the USA and around the world. There was a large group of Indian delegates this year and they offered a unique perspective of developing electrical infrastructures overseas. Then it was back to Chicago for the Inaugural VEINS conference at the JW Marriott Hotel. It’s always a challenge to create a first event but Ashleigh Brinkman and her co-workers at The Prairie Education and Research Cooperative  pulled it off without a problem and attendance was better than they had expected with lots of exhibitors .

And then closing out the month was the Annual Automotive Logistics North American conference at The Henry Hotel in Detroit. The UltimaMedia events team made all the events move smoothly as usual.  Then it was back to paperwork and bookkeeping.

Stephen JW Evans FISPE  the immediate past president of ISPE  delivers a keynote to attendees of the 27th ICPE Meeting in Chicago.

Tom Kuhn CEO of The Edison Electric Institute and Jay Morrison VP of Regulatory Issues at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association take part in a panel discussion at Gridweek 2011.

Doctors testing ultrasound equipment at the VEINS conference in Chicago.

Attendees at the recent North American Automotive Logistics conference in Dearborn Michigan.

I had a lot of family business  to take care of too. My parents are getting old and need more care as time goes on so that tends to occupy my days often. Thankfully the rest of the year is well booked at this point so I am concentrating my efforts on solidifying work with clients for next year. And preparing for more office work with the new computer system I will be getting next month.

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Recent Highlights

After my recent assignment in Maryland for The Society Of College and University Planners I decided I had to take some time off to concentrate on organizing my office. I left for Europe for a vacation prior to that and basically left a lot of papers and disorder to be dealt with when I got back. My office manager was also on a long vacation break so things started to pile up rapidly. I am always amazed how much paper and electronic information tends to accumulate ! Now we are slowly getting through it all so I feel a sense of relief. And yet, there’s always more to do.

A few highlights from SCUP 46 2011 conference

I thankfully have a break of another two weeks before I leave for Washington, DC. area again for another of my clients; CLASMA. Their particular niche is events concerning Electric Grid systems. I ‘ll be looking forward to Gridweek 2011.

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Further travels.

I find, once again, that I have been unable to keep up with my blogging responsibilities and have not written an update in months !  Thankfully, work has been the primary  reason ( as well as a vacation in France)  I’ve been unable to keep my blog updated.

I have been traveling to such locales as Newport Beach, California for the Finished Vehicle Logistics conference that I work on every year for my client UltimaMedia as well as to  Toronto, Canada for The Movement Disorder Society’s Annual International conference.

I was in Salt Lake City, Utah for The American Optometric Association’s National Convention and Trade Show. I also went to San Francisco for The American Society On Aging Annual conference.

In Chicago, I covered the Digestive Disease Week conference for the conference’s Show Daily as well as  Show Daily work for AACCN Conference , also in Chicago at McCormick Place.

A few other smaller events and meetings also came into my schedule. So I was more than ready for a vacation break by the end of June.

Frederick Douzet from The University Of Paris and her colleagues from The University of Quebec at Montreal enjoy a night out in New Orleans during The Urban Affairs Association’s Conference earlier this Spring.

Fred Smith , CEO and Founder of FedEx and Richard Anderson, CEO of Delta Airlines engage in a discussion with Dr. John D. Karsada on his concept of the Aerotropolis at this year’s Airport Cities International conference in Memphis, Tennessee.

And so… it’s now once again back on the road for work.

Next on my schedule is SCUP’s (The Society For College and University Planners) Annual Meeting , this year in Maryland. And then other local Chicago conferences and events before I begin the busy Fall season.

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Current Events

Despite my best intentions, I have left my blog unwritten since February. Even with my occasional office manager’s help to get through the constant organizational work I seem to accumulate I have not been able to add to my web blog until now.

Taxes , daily life activities, family concerns and continual assignments and conference events that I document every week have left my writing go unattended. It  started as February was coming to an end and it really has not let up since. I have been on assignment for UAA in New Orleans and in San Francisco for ASA. Many new clients were added to my schedule including The Travel Goods Association, ACUI, ACCED-I, AFP and Airport Cities International.

I was in Orlando, Memphis and and I made my third trip to Montreal at the start of last month for another returning client; SRCD. I’ll try to share a few images from these assignments in the coming months as time permits.

For now, here is a photo from my last assignment earlier this week for NTI News,  the Show Daily for the  AACCN Conference that just finished today at McCormick Place here in Chicago. It’s a cadaver anatomy tutorial course that was part of last Sunday’s Pre-Conference events.

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A meeting on Capital Hill.

I recently just finalized my contract with another of my regular clients; The American College Of Nurse-Midwives for it’s Annual Meeting in San Antonio this May.

I was looking through images from last year’s ACNM meeting in Washington DC and was reminded of the day we all went to Capital Hill. Given the tragic events that have happened since that time regarding meetings between the public and the representatives of our government as well as problems involved overseas in establishing any connection between other countries populations and their governments it seems remarkable that people can meet and converse with elected officials at all. Even if you don’t see eye to eye ideologically, It’s all too easy to take for granted .

Lynne Himmelreich,  ARNP, CNM, MPH FACNM of University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics meets with Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa and a member of his staff to discuss issues of Midwifery.

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105 Annual Dinners

I recently finished my uploading and production work for another long time client’s event. The Indiana Society of Chicago has met once each year for 105 years. This organization is comprised of various politicians and business people who are either Indiana based or  affillated with Indiana schools, companies or institutions.

The point,  it would seem, is basically to socialize and renew  friendships and business connections as well as honor the state of Indiana and it’s various businesses and academic institutions.

Comedian Paula Poundstone  headlined this year’s event. Although there have been many entertainers over the years who have been asked to be a part of the evening’s festivities, Paula really made the crowd laugh and enjoy themselves this year.

I’ve been with the group about 10 years or so. Madeleine Lebedow of MFL Associates, who has produced this event for many years,  concurred with me. Her act is built on just simple questioning and examination of everyday behaviors. Her question  : “Why are you meeting anyway and why here in Chicago in the Winter …” that was enough to get everyone in the room laughing for the remainder of the evening.

The answer ? Nobody  really knows or seems to remember !

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Chicago politics.

I had not expected to acquire any more work at the end of this year, so it was a surprise and pleasure last week to help out my Indiana Society of Chicago client, Warren Hill of the Hill Mechanical Group to photograph a fundraising event at Jilly’s Piano Bar in Chicago. The evening was smoothly and expertly created and coordinated by Katie Goggin of

The event was to promote former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for Mayor of  Chicago.

It was a challenge to photograph in Jilly’s; it’s a small bar off Rush Street with a long history of celebrity attendance. I basically stayed close to Rahm and covered him as he worked the crowd. I can suggest that attendees get a photo with him as I document his negotiations with supporters but I basically like to let the situation develop itself. Rahm was tired and exhausted from his daily press stops and responsibilities so I just let him do what he wanted and tried to stay close which wasn’t hard as I was practically squeezed a couple of times next to him because of the people who showed up to support him.

He was pleasant and didn’t seem overwhelmed despite the crowd and the schedule he keeps. There was a good feel vibe to the place and everyone was there to enjoy the moment so I’m glad I had the chance to do this event.

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Working Together.

The last conference for my year has been completed.

This was another new client; Clasma. They are a conference organizer that specializes in various electrical grid events throughout the country.

The concept of an electric grid is slowly coming into the public consciousness and that idea was one of  paramount concern at the meetings closing session. The idea of trying to keep practical applicability foremost in the minds of  engineers, associations and companies is important in the coming years as the possibilities of integrating and standardizing electrical systems throughout the world comes closer and closer to everyday reality.

I tried to be as discreet as I could with my movements particularly during the educational sessions since the atmosphere was very concentrated and technical.

My responsibility, however, is to create usable promotional and historical records while letting the attendees get on with their daily studies. It’s always a balancing act but the challenges often yield a chance to develop my perceptions and photographic skills to a better level.

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Chicago. IASB 2010 Conference. In transit between hotels and sessions.

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