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Robert Levy has been involved in the visual arts all of his life .

He started painting and drawing as a child and during his final high school years became fascinated by filmmaking.


He earned his BFA in Film and Media from The Minneapolis College Of Art And Design.

After graduation he worked as an assistant to a number of commercial photographers.

He worked in corporate, editorial, advertising, wedding, photojournalism and event photography.


For two years he worked in a catalogue studio assisting and photographing products for magazines and newspapers.

After the studio closed he apprenticed himself as an assistant to an architectural photographer for two more years.


Throughout these periods he began to photograph whatever events or products he could as a freelancer.


In 1990 he decided to start his own business and slowly began to build his credentials and client list.


During the early 1990's he had the opportunity to photograph an association's annual conference in Chicago.

The event instantly felt natural and interesting to him.

He knew he had found exactly what he wanted to do.


He deliberately began to seek out and acquire a list of corporate and association based clientele that continues to this day.

This is the focus and passion of his photographic work.


He seeks to create compelling images for marketing and social media use as well as for use as historical archives. 

He continues to challenge himself to produce better work for his clients with every new assignment.


Mr. Levy lives in Chicago, Illinois where he was born and raised. 

He works nationally and internationally.

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