2014 recollections

As 2014 comes to a close I can look back on a very busy and productive year .

In particular, from the period of May through July,  I was on the road traveling from location to location and never got back home to Chicago the entire time. Strange indeed !

I went from Chicago to Denver for my long time client; ACNM and then to Paris for the 4th HVP conference at Unesco and then to Portland for The American Society of Civil Engineers’ Water Management conferenceAWMA14-Day1_0051 AWMA 2014 conference. Long Beach, California.

I was in New York and made two stops in California afterwards.  My two associate photographers were also busy . Jeff Callen covered several events as did Erchel Raymond. All in all it was a productive year.

DSC_2688 copy

BioMed 2014 Show.  San Jose California

DSC_5486 copy

EASL 2014 Conference. London , England.


NASPA 2014 conference.  San Antonio, Texas.

DSC_1884 copy 2TMA Midwest 2014 Executive Speakers Forum. Chicago, Illinois.


We travelled everywhere from Detroit and Portland to San Jose and Ft. Worth Texas.Next year promises to be more of the same, with conferences throughout North America and Europe and…?


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