2017 begins !

DSC_4911 copy

Besides working on taxes with my accountant and trying to organize my office,   I try to take time off in January. However this year I got an email from my associates at Image Base Productions; http://www.image-base.com to work on a local conference for GE Healthcare. I’ve worked with GE before on various projects and since this was local I decided to go for it. I’m often traveling during the year so I’m not generally keen on going anywhere in January. I’m glad I did. Everyone was unfailingly pleasant and the general feel for this Annual Meeting was very relaxed. One part of the Life Sciences group is pictured above. Despite the fact that the hotel had less than subtle decor and it was 6:45 in the morning everyone was very nice and this portrait went smoothly.

DSC_3745 copy 2.GEHeathcare2017JPG

This year promises to be another busy one so I’m back to my hibernation -at least until February when I’m working with Reed Trade show company again and two new clients on back to back shows.

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