A new year

Although the year started well with an interesting assignment for a Dutch company that was holding a green business event here in Chicago, I unfortunately lost out on a large trade show and conference for a long time client because of a snowstorm. It occurred all throughout the Midwest and East Coast and grounded many flights; almost shutting down air traffic at Midway and O’Hare for three days.

Fortunately,  my client was understanding and they had their staff cover the event in my place. This rarely happens but it was very frustrating and we are already looking forward to next year’s event, provided there are no more major storms to keep me from traveling to my destination. I had also expected to leave for Mexico at the beginning of March but my client had to postpone their energy conference to May. I am already covering their event in Austin that month but neither myself nor any of my associates can cover the Mexican event since all of us are booked for assignments. More frustration.

The weather did cooperate finally a week after the storm and I found myself working in Anaheim for this year’s Medical Design and Manufacturing Show. It was well attended and once again featuring  many diverse suppliers and and a variety of industry experts and attendees from all over the USA and international locations brought together to find out the latest technologies in the ever-changing medical device industry .



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