Back to back

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This seems to be the year of back to back conference events. My last two events were separated by less than twenty-four hours.

I went to San Antonio almost two weeks ago for my long-time client; The Industrial Supply Association . The event was a great networking event for professionals in the distribution and industrial supply fields  and the attendees are always ready to get down to business of connecting and making deals with each other.

The day after I finished that conference I flew to Denver for the second time this year. I photographed for the second time,  the International Airport Cities conference ; an event devoted to engaging attendees in the airport infrastructure continuum with the best practices and skills needed to meet the challenges of airport business here in the US as well as around the world. Professor John Karsada, whose theories and writings developed the ideas of the Aerotropolis was, again one of the  main speakers at the conference. The event was organized by the exceptional UK based events team of Insight Media.

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