Closing down 2016

2016_PDA_D1_0445 copyIt’s been a frantic year and I am in the last part of finishing my assignments for 2016.

It seemed I was often spending more time in airports than at home.

As most people in the meetings industry are aware of,  this is a very common situation. Sometimes I even forgot which city I was in !

Myself and my associates were kept quite busy, photographing, processing images onsite for daily social media needs or doing both at the same time ! Next year we will be adding video to our website as we bring our videographer partners to the forefront. I was a filmmaker at one time but chose, for most of the last thirty years to concentrate on still photography. I am debating on doing some selective moving image making myself but I will most likely emphasize my relations with several videographer partners I work with on an ongoing basis both in the USA and overseas.

Here are a few images from my travels this year…. many more to come !


BSE_TX_D3_0885 copy


DSC_7016 copy



DSC_0583-2 copy




BLOGunnamed-2 copy

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