It’s been a busy Autumn so far and I have enjoyed it greatly, despite the lack of sleep !

Last month was especially challenging. I started the month in Marrakech covering the World LPG conference and Exposition. The team at along with my project manager contact,  were a  real pleasure to work once with and our client was wonderful !

Truly an amazing experience to visit a remarkable country and meet people from all over the world. What better way is there to banish closed mindedness than by meeting directly with people from different countries and a variety of ages. We live in such an amazing world and I’m glad I made the voyage to see this particular part of it.


I then went Paris  for the weekend to coordinate the final product with my assistant, Benedicte, since both she and the WLPGA are based in Paris… I then flew back to Chicago to prepare to leave the next day (thank goodness for time zones !) for the Annual ASA Network conference in Nashville; another great event

     I came back to Chicago and after a week off I started three separate events for various associations;  two of which I started while one of my first associate finished those events and the second associate completed a three day event for my client BNP Media.

I then started and completed the Annual FFI  ( conference this year in my hometown of Chicago !

It’s nice to have a few days off and catch up on sleep !

Next week I’ll be back on the road for another event in Seattle; this time for my client The Economist, while my other associate heads off to cover an annual conference event in Boston for another client.

Then it’s back to Chicago for me to work on several events including the Annual IASB/IASBO statewide conference !

All in all a nice finish to a productive year.

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